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Part gift box. Part event.

An entirely new experience.


Saintkits understands the importance of interaction and human connection. combining their expertise in production, marketing and branding, we design expertly - curated, event-centric kits for every one of life’s events and special moments.


Delivered directly to your door, our kits combine everything you love about events - the cocktails, the music, the decor, the conversations and the vibes - all of which can be enhanced with virtual experiences and classes such as mixology, yoga, interior design and social justice. As two boss brown girls, we also aspire to highlight independent minority makers and entrepreneurs.


From an intimate date night, bachelorette party or corporate events, our team has you covered in this post-covid world of engagement. No matter if you’re 6’ apart or 600 miles away, anyone can create an unforgettable experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our team is constantly looking for new ideas and new inspiration to re-define experiences and engagement. Keep checking back to hear more about our story and in the meantime, enjoy our curated welcome playlist to enjoy while you plan your next event.

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